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  • "Excellent care!!! Dr. Wehking is experienced and always gives helpful advice!"
    Chirstine K
  • "Great experience, friendly staff and I love how they ask if there are any other issues I needed addressed while I was there. Would never go anywhere else."
    Georgia P
  • "As a post-polio person, I live with much pain. Dr. Wehking always can tell where I most need to be treated. He has also treated my cat when it had a back injury and was helped totally. He truly is gifted in his profession."
    Patricia P
  • "Dr Wehking is always polite and professional anytime I see him. He goes out of his way to.make sure I am satisfied with my visit and that all the problem areas are resolved! He has helped out my back and shoulder issues tremendously!"
    Justin W
  • "My husband and I are super pleased with Dr. Wehking. He has done so much more for us than any other doctor. I have recommended him to many friends. Going to Dr. Wehking is money well spent!"
    Diane S
  • "I had problems with my back after vacation and Dr. Brad helped me again! I enjoy my experience at Wellness Chiropractic Clinic. They always make me feel better."
    Wendy P
  • "Amazing, friendly clinic. They got me walking when all the m.d. had to offer was bed rest or surgery."
    Roger G
  • "As a 40 plus year old stone mason, my back gets abused on a daily basis. I have seen countless chiropractors through the years. Dr. Wehking is the first one that I have been to that has made it possible for me to do my job pain free (a challenge in itself). I can confidently say that I am in a drastically better condition today than I was four years ago."
    Bruce M.
  • "I was referred to Wellness Chiropractic many years ago and I am so happy to have had this recommenation. I am going to be 82 years old and I can still mow my own lawn and shovel my own snow. I feel really lucky."
    Lila F.
  • "I enjoy the friendly atmosphere. The people that work there are positive and caring. They get you in and out in a timely manner. You go in hurting and leave feeling like a million bucks, Thank you Bradley and staff!"
    Charles S.
  • "I came into the office with lower abdominal and lower back pain. After one visit with Dr. Wehking, my pain had decreased by at least 50%. After my 2nd and 3rd visits, my pain was decreased by about 80% and digestion problems began to clear up. My visits here have enabled me to go out and do things I wasn’t able to do for six months."
    James H.
  • "I was experiencing extreme neck pain with a migraine for four days, unable to move my head or neck. My first visit with Dr. Wehking was great. Within three days, I was mobile again and pain free. The doctors are very kind, and the staff is terrific. I appreciate them all greatly."
    Jackie C.
  • "My experience at Wellness Chiropractic is always great! I always feel better than I did when I first walked in. Dr Wehking always takes time to answer your questions and give you advise. He is never pushy about the care he would like to provide, he just simply lets you know what he would suggest, but will always leave how often you come up to you!!! I like that he doesn’t just treat our symptoms but teaches nutrition as well. I know from experience that treatment is great, but if we are eating a bunch of junk we are not doing ourselves any favors. So in a nutshell I like that he gives us the whole package. Adjustments, teaching nutrition and good quality supplements available. Thanks Dr Wehking!!! I am personally glad you are in Watertown!"
    Catherine U.
  • "I always walk out feeling better. Dr Wehking doesn't waste his time or yours; he works thoroughly and efficiently. The staff
    is friendly and work quickly; wait times are very short."
    David J
  • "Couldn't be more pleased with Wellness Chiropractic, every visit. I'm greeted with a warm smile and feel taken care of 100% each time! Always a pleasure! Definitely the place to go for all your aches and pains!"
    Chris B.
  • "HIGHLY recommended. The BEST chiropractor that I have had. He is very good with athletes and doesn't just do one part of your body but your entire body while he has you there. I hardly 'sore' days after he done working on me. He doesn't 'crack' you either. He is extremely good at what he does."
    Brenna S.
  • "Brad and the staff at Wellness are awesome! I had some issues with nerve and muscle tightness in my back that had been bothering me for about 8 months. After about a week of treatment, I was feeling better than
    I have in a long time. Highly recommend Dr. Brad Wehking and Wellness Chiro!"
    Robert H.


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