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Sports Injuries

Common reasons an athlete would see a chiropractor:

  • Injuries from sports including football, wrestling, basketball, baseball, soccer, gymnastics, volleyball, tennis, or golf
  • Sprain/strain of the shoulder, knees, ankles, and other joints in the body
  • Pain while running
  • Weight-lifting injury or pain
  • Neck or back pain
  • Overuse syndromes from throwing or serving a ball
  • Chronic hip or shoulder bursitis
  • Tendinitis of any joint
  • Little league elbow, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow
  • Foot pain or plantar fascitis
  • Concussion symptoms following head trauma in soccer, football, and basketball

Dr. Brad Wehking has 18 years of experience working with collegiate and varsity athletes. He treats athletes of all kinds including serious runners and tri-atheletes, weight-lifters, weekend warriors in a variety of sports. He works closely with most of the varsity coaches in Watertown. Their mutual goal is to help the student athletes return to their sport pain-free as quickly as possible. He provides specific stretches and exercises to prevent re-injury. He also works with the Watertown Area YMCA and Anytime Fitness in Watertown to coordinate workout recommendations.

Dr. Wehking’s personal decision to become a chiropractor was the result of his own experience following a knee injury while playing varsity basketball. After sitting on the sidelines for three months due to debilitating pain, a few adjustments by a chiropractor got him back in the game allowing him to finish his senior year as a starting forward. He now enjoys running, kayaking, and mountain biking. He participates in several triathlons throughout the year. He is an assistant coach for basketball and baseball.


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