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5 Common Running Pains (and How to Fix Them)

running injury

Running is a healthy way to stay in shape, but it can lead to various injuries and pain. Dr. Wehking and our team at Wellness Chiropractic Center share some of the common running injuries and how to address them.

Muscle Injuries

Strains, sprains, and tension in the muscles are some of the most common types of pain associated with running. These typically happen due to overworking or overstretching the muscles. The best approach to healing these in most cases is the RICE method, meaning Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

Ankle Sprains

The ankles go through quite a beating as they pound the pavement or dirt, so it’s not unusual for sprains to occur. It occurs when the ligaments stretch and tear or when the foot lands on an uneven surface and the foot rolls inward. RICE is also typically the most effective method of treatment for this type of injury.

Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee is a condition that causes pain in the front of the knee. It might also cause stiffness in the ankles and hips. If you experience runner’s knee, you will usually need to cut back on running – at least for a while. You can work with a chiropractor to adjust your knee’s alignment and strengthen your muscles to prevent further injury.

Stress Fractures

Stress fractures are small tears and cracks in your bones, often from overusing them or starting a new activity at full force. Rest will typically help these fractures heal. Working with a chiropractor can also help you strengthen weakened and damaged areas to help you heal more quickly.

IT Band Syndrome

Along the outside of your knee and thigh is a ligament called the IT band. Running can often cause this band to inflame, leading to a lot of pain. Rest and ice are very helpful in addressing this pain. Visiting a chiropractor can also help stretch and strengthen the legs to prevent further injury.

Address Running Pain with Our Chiropractor in Watertown, WI

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