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5 Common Chiropractic Techniques For Back and Neck Pain

If you have been to Wellness Chiropractic Center, you understand the magic we do for our patients in Watertown. Exactly what is it we are doing behind your back? We would like to take you behind the scenes. Five basic chiropractic techniques are used when Dr. Wehking is treating back pain or neck pain.

1. The Thompson Technique

The patient is placed on what is referred to as a drop table. The Thompson technique helps open the joints by manipulating the vertebrae. Not only does this treatment relieve pain, but it also makes you more flexible and healthier.

2. The Spinal Adjustment

It is commonly known as spinal manipulation and focuses primarily on the patient's spine. The goal is to provide balance to the spine to alleviate the pain. This treatment is used to reduce the symptoms associated with certain conditions and restore the patients’ range of motion.

3. Spinal Mobilization

This technique is similar to the spinal adjustment technique. The joints are mobilized slowly, thereby realigning the body. Spinal mobilization is beneficial for those with severe neck pain and back pain, and those who are overweight.

4. Spinal Decompression Therapy 

This is a non-invasive treatment. Spinal decompression therapy stretches and relaxes the patient's lumbar spine. The patient lays on a traction table that the chiropractor controls as the table extends the spine. This therapy reduces pressure on the spine and realigns the spinal discs.

5. The Activator Technique

In this treatment, our chiropractor uses a handheld instrument to deliver a pulsating force to the spine, which increases mobility. The patient receives the treatment face down on a table. It is an excellent technique for the elderly and people with severe pain.

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